Welcome! Welcome to PhotoChüwak! 

Please note, PhotoChüwak don't take photos - PhotoChüwak stops the time and makes Your most precious and memorable moments to live. Live again and again, to live - forever!

My mission - catch and save those special moments for You. In my own way and style, so You can enjoy and experience them again and again. I'm stoping the time! Impossible? Maybe, but I'm doing it!  

Discreet, professional and unique - I am PhotoChüwak!

PhotoChüwak took the part in many various events and family celebrations across Europe (Italy, Austria, Germany, Lithuania and etc.) and the UK. Do you know what is the best thing about that? In most scenarios, after PhotoChüwak's wedding photo sessions, the same couples come back to PhotoChüwak for Maternity and Baptism photo sessions.

So, do You wish Your memories to live forever?

Sincerely Yours,


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